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We provide two levels of service; Club Class and Business Class.

Business Class members enjoy 2 years of unlimited WhatsApp and 'phone support - where our team work together with your family to find the helper who suits you best.

Or choose Club Class. That's the monthly ticket - where you run the whole shooting match yourself!

(You may upgrade to Business during the first two weeks without penalty)

Packages assume home processing. Optional support is available.

No, you may not downgrade; that would not be cool...

Business Class

HK $1795 /2 years

Business Class is local direct hire. Members benefit from all Club class features, plus:- 

  • Live time-saving WhatsApp-based support from HelperFirst Staff
  • Two-year helper contract guarantee**
  • Browse unlimited profiles
  • Message Helpers Directly
  • Shortlist Preferred Candidates
  • Professionally matched helpers by HelperFirst staff
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Job publishing & promotion
  • Processing support and document checking for VISA
  • Problem-solve with visa issues*
  • Concierge-quality service to find your new helper


Optional services (add-ons, specialist)

  • Local Indonesian Processing HK$4995 (includes visa fee and medical)
  • Courier Plus document service HK$850 (document couriering & completion, Consular & Immigration Dept visits, etc.)


* Kindly note that the subscription does not cover any third-party fees.

** The guarantee is when a helper cannot complete her contract and is subject to our terms and conditions.


Payment by Credit or Debit card, PayPal or Bank-transfer. Fees are non-refundable.

If paying via PayPal, please add HK$98 to cover PayPal transfer fees.

The subscription fee is per helper appointment; terms and conditions apply.

Club Class

HK $390 /month

Club class members benefit from the following:-

This Includes:
  • Browse unlimited profiles.
  • Message Helpers Directly.
  • Shortlist Preferred Candidates.
  • Advertise your job in Hong Kong
  • Direct hire from overseas
  • Email support














Club class membership costs HK$390 monthly - users may cancel at any time without notice.

Payment is via Credit or Debit card, PayPal or Bank-transfer. Fees are non-refundable

If paying via PayPal, please add HK48 to cover PayPal transfer fees.


World Traveller

HK $6880 /one-time fee

World Traveller is Overseas Direct Hire.

  • Paperwork, certification, and couriering
  • Single air ticket to HK
  • Visa: everything!

World Traveller is HK's most efficient direct hire service.


Supplements (add-ons, optional)

  • (ex-HK/overseas) Helper Contribution  HK$1100
  • (New) Helper Contribution (not ex HK/overseas) HK$1900
  • Indonesian helper HK$7500 + flight
  • HK Medicheck HK$870
  • Chaperonebring and assist the helper to Apple Store in IFC Mall - HK$350

Payment by Credit or Debit card, PayPal or Bank-transfer. Fees are non-refundable.

If paying via PayPal, please add HK$98 to cover PayPal transfer fees.

Subscriptions and fees are rated per helper hire; terms and conditions apply.

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Kindly note that Helpers contact details, Biographical information, and all other advice derived from HelperFirst is the proprietary IP of Canyudo Ltd, Trading as HelperFirst.

Business Class and World Traveller are chargeable per helper appointment. IP and candidate details should not be traded, sold or otherwise shared with 3rd parties.

Agencies wishing to find out the phone numbers of helpers looking for work in HK are welcome to get in touch, and customers who share our IP with 3rd parties will be held liable.

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