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Do you provide a complete hiring solution, including registration, as at other agencies in Hong Kong?

Yes, we do. From the first time you ask our team about finding your family a new helper through her registration, organisation of her contract and beyond - we will stay in touch with you throughout her first, 2-year contract.

How long might it take to find a suitable helper?

Our record is less than one day. Some people take longer. Our model means that with each passing week, placing a helper with references becomes a little easier.

How can you possibly charge so little?

We keep costs down by managing information and communications using software. This website is only a tiny part of the overall HelperFirst picture! We are determined to offer better value than the rest of the market. If you can find an equivalent service for a lower fee, we will refund the difference.

Why don't you offer monthly subscriptions?

We think these are a honey-trap for repeat payments and that the section of the industry offering these is not acting in the customer's interests - either the helper or her new employer.

Do I have to pay up-front?

No. When we begin sharing IP like phone numbers or organising interviews, you become our customer - that's 'the point of no return' (you can't give a phone number back!).

Do you charge Helpers anything?

Never. We help them find you for free.

Can you find helpers from overseas?

Yes. Get in touch by speaking to the team. We outsource this service to an agency who are licensed with the international consulates.

We are online now.

Can you check out the work histories and references of helpers we meet online?

We check everyone's references and work histories. We only send candidates who completed our pre-interview process satisfactorily. We always tell you if a helper you want to speak to has fully documented her application or not.

Can you provide drivers, nannies, nurses, gardeners, part-timers, and live out helpers?

We provide advise you on how not to fall foul of the law in HK.

Can you organise quarantine, Covid tests, health checks, helper medical insurance and so forth?

Yes, we can. Just ask the team.

What's the best way to get in touch with the HelperFirst team?

Get in touch via Whatsapp, WeChat, Signal, Messenger, Instagram, on-site messaging here, email, Facebook and smoke signals.

Smoke signals? Really?

No, silly. That was what we call an 'Easter Egg' in the Games Industry.

What about the games industry?

Before we got mad at the helper hiring industry in Hong Kong and decided to turn it upside down, we had >60 million customers in the games industry. That's where we learned how to do all this stuff.

Do I know enough now?

Do you? Get in touch; we will be happy to help.

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