The benefits of trying new things.
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The benefits of trying new things.

Date Posted: 29/07/2021

The benefits of trying new things.

If you think about it your day, you may notice you spend most of your day doing things you have done hundreds or thousands of times. 

There may be times you end up doing new things looking for a unique experience. 

What if you changed this "rare case syndrome" into a conscious act of trying new things? 

There are many advantages to doing new things, and you shouldn't cheat yourself out of it. Here are some of the incredible things you can do and their benefits to you.

Are you stuck?

People tend to repeat their habits; they wake up at the same time of the day, eat routine meals, wear the same clothes, go to work at the same time, have lunch with the same set of people daily, watch the same shows at night, and so on.

Routines become so familiar that we often lose sight that we are just navigating through life. 

We live in a fantastic world, with seven different continents, nearly 200 different countries, thousands of languages, and so many new things to try. Still, often we limit ourselves to what we know and our surroundings. 

So the question is, why do we feel stuck, stagnant and stale?

It is very normal to feel stuck in one place. What is not normal is to continue living the same way day after day. If you were driving on muddy ground and your tires get stuck in a ditch, would you sit down and keep spinning your wheels or would you come down and look for means to move forward? You answered correctly. You would do whatever you could to get out of the pit and move on.


Some benefits of trying new things

Do you want a change of pace? Do you want to start living the life you should have lived?

The benefits of trying new things are numerous to count:

  • Find out more about yourself. It may be strange to think that you don't know yourself very well, but this is often the case. We often think we know ourselves, but then we try new things and discover new things we may not have known we liked before the experience. When you try new things, you will naturally recognize who you are and who you want to become. It will be invaluable over the years.
  • It makes you more marketable: You are what is important. Your desire to try new things should focus on you and your life goals, and at the end of the day, the commitment to creating new life experiences makes you more marketable to the world. Other people start to see new talents and abilities and their whole "job" becomes more and more attractive. This often creates unique opportunities, both in career and in personal life.

  • Stimulate creativity: Ask a very creative person how they keep innovating and expressing themselves in new ways, and you will hear them say that they value a commitment to trying new things. When you try new things, your brain experiences unique situations that force you to think. It stimulates creativity, which eventually spreads to other areas of your life. As a result, you should start seeing everything in a new light.
  • Dont be scared: In many cases, fear is the thing that keeps us from trying new things. We may think: What if I don't like it? What happens if I fail? What happens when my experiences don’t match my expectations? These questions may come to mind, as there is always a certain level of fear when you try something new, but you may find that your mind can exaggerate things. Over time, fear will no longer be a crippling factor in your life; instead, you'll see it as a small barrier that separates you from a new experience.

Get out of your comfort zone.

Go beyond your preconceived "limits" and participate in new experiences. Make your moments count, start leaving the normality of your daily routine and start living life to the fullest.

Here are some things you can try.

  • Become a "yes" person: Become a "yes" person. When faced with new experiences, challenges and ideas, avoid making excuses and start creating solutions. You will find that the benefits almost always outweigh the risks. Life is too short to be swept away by a boring routine. It's easy to say no, true, but it is time to start saying yes.
  • Try cooking marathon: You don't have to leave the confines of your home or apartment to try new things. You can pick up the challenge of trying to cook every meal you eat for an entire week. This means no take-out or even frozen food. All the meals for the week have to be home-cooked in one way or another. With this experience, you will learn new skills and learn to appreciate the patience and rewards of cooking.
  • Learn a new sport:  Instead of doing the same old exercise routine, maybe it's time to learn a new sport and challenge yourself in a way you've never done before. Spend the day in the water, take up tennis, wakeboarding or other fun activities. Some outdoor sports worth trying are rock climbing, mountain biking and disc golf.
  • Start a side hustle: Exhausted from your current job? Maybe you want to make some extra money? Try to start a new parallel race this summer. Find a skill you have and turn it into a business. Thanks to the Internet, it is very easy. You can sell physical products and services online. Why not? Your business vision will grow, and you will enjoy building something from scratch.

Travel alone: Most people love to travel; why not try a solo adventure? It may sound funny, but traveling alone is very beneficial. It teaches you independence, lets you plan your route, and you may even learn to make quick the spot decisions. 


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