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Know your rights during the riots and protests!

Date Posted: 25/11/2019


Know your rights during the riots and protests!

FMWU: Employers in ‘serious violation’ OFW/FDW worker’s rights.

Distressing scenes like this one highlight the need to be watchful while out shopping or on your free day! Don’t take unnecessary risks!

By Clark Angeles

Hong Kong,


Now that the elections are over and everyone hopes that peace will return to the streets of Hong Kong we think that it is useful for everyone to remember domestic helper’s rights.

We all know that ‘word on the street’ and here on Facebook, many helpers have been talking about how some employers have used trouble as an excuse to prevent their employees from travelling. At HelperFirst we are asking Employers to stop and think - if you are doing this then plain and simple: you’re breaking the law!

In a press statement released on 28 August, the Filipino Migrant Workers’ Union (FMWU) had scathing words for such practice:-

“The FMWU received numerous complaints from Filipino migrant workers’ who were either denied to take their rest days, or their rest days becoming irregular and adjusted arbitrarily depending on the schedules of protest actions. These have seriously violated the rights of migrant workers to one rest day per week. It has also severely affected the migrant worker’s ability to meet and socialize with their relatives, friends and townmates.”

How to stay safe!













Help prevent family &  friends getting caught up in scenes like these!

  1. Know what’s happening on the streets by keeping an eye on Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Plan your journey carefully.
  3. Watch and LEAVE if things begin looking scary!
  4. Listen carefully while in the MTR - traffic updates say a lot!
  5. Know your rights! Nobody has the right to tell you to stay indoors!
  6. Tell your sisters and brothers to share this post on Facebook!

Preventing employees from taking a free day is wrong and we think that it is a good time to remind Employers that this isn’t reasonable. 

Share this post to send a message to everyone to keep safe and respect the law!!